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Blue Mosque tour is one of the most crowded tour programs due to plenty of places. There are many significant works inside since it was one of the most important fields of Old Ottoman.

Our tour will begin early in the morning; the places to be wandered are Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Hippodrome square, Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque, Turk and Islamic Arts Museum.

Topkapı Palace:
At the beginning of our Tour, Topkapi Palace which has been the management centre of Ottoman Empire being one of the biggest empires of the World and which includes many historical works inside will be wandered.

Hagia Sophia:
In this part of the tour, Hagia Sophia which is one of the most important remaining works of the world culture heritage will be wandered. Hagia Sophia Mosque was being used as church in Byzantian period; it was converted into mosque by Fatih Sultan Mehmet after the conquest of İstanbul and went through significant repairs.

Basilica Cistern:
Used by Ottoman Empire after Byzantian period, the Cistern is the biggest and most beatiful cisterns among the ones built in Byzantian period. Mystical atmosphere of Basilica Cistern will fascinate you.

Blue Mosque:
Called Blue Mosque due to the colour of tiles in the mosque, Blue Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques among Ottoman mosques built after 17th century.

Our Tour Eminonu

Contrary to current simple appereance, there were priceless statues and monuments made of the most glossy golds, silvers and marbles of the world at one time.  Roman and Byzantian empires competed for ornamenting this field, but those coming here during the crusades settled in here getting affected by the richness and beauty they saw and gave up going to Jeruselam and ravened everything.

Grand Bazaar:
You will have a chance to wander and shop in historical grand bazaar in this part of the tour. Grand Bazaar reminds of a small city with more than 3000 stores. 15. The upper side of the walls was covered with a dome and the streets spreading later were also covered, therefore a shopping mall reminding a labyrinth was built.

Our Grand Bazaar tour and Istanbul historical tour has ended.



We pick you from the hotel you accommodate for whole day Bosphorus Tour we have prepared specially for our customers. 

Our tour pack includes;
Bosphorus Tour
Spice Bazaar
Beylerbeyi Palace
Çamlıca Hill.

We will drop you to your hotel at the end of the tour prepared specially for you. The end time of the Tour is nearly 17:00.

*Since Beylerbeyi Place is closed on Monday, Rumeli Hisarı is closed on Wednesdays and Spice Bazaar is closed on Sundays, we keep on our tour with Yıldız Park and Yıldız Porcellain Factory tours.


Arriving at Yalova Thermal. Being one of the constructions of Roman and Byzantian period, Yalova Thermal Springs are 12 km far from city centre, among the thermal facilities are Sultan bath- Valide bath, Kursunlu bath and Koylu bath. Sauna and outdoor swimming pool are available inside historical Kursunlu bath. There are healing waters inside the facility called as stomach water – eye water and foot water.

Cınar and Camlik Hotels are present, thermal waters are used as bath water in the baths in basement floors of these hotel. As a result of physical and chemical analysis, it was found that this water is a hypothermal and hypotonic mineral water with sulfide, sodium and calcium. Chronic gastritis, intestinal diseases, spastic colitis and intestinal excretion and diarrhoea due to bile deficiency, constipation, intestinal parasites and haemorrhoids, degenerative rheumatisms (arthrosis) and soft tissue rheumatisms are among the diseases healed by the cure.  Many accommodation and food and beverage facilities in Gokcedere and Uvezpinar districts around the thermal springs. Yalova Thermal Tourism Center Thermal Spring is 2.5 km North of county center.

One night accommodation in the hotel stated in Yalova

Second Day Holiday Resorts are on Yalova Çınarcık road, 4,5 km far from Çınarcık. There are many facilities between Gokcedere and Uvezpinar villages in this district where thermal springs are located. Panorama hill is at 120 meters height from the sea and it is a field which has many special views covered green vegetation cover every season. There is a waterfall at the entrance of thermal facilities. There are many rare trees and flowers in the thermal famous for its various colour hydrangeas. The waterfall which is 8 km far from Üzevpınar village and its surrounding has unique beauties. The way to waterfall is a perfect walking-track, it is preferred by domestic and foreign tourists in summer months. There is a unique dam reservoir on the route to waterfall, also sea and nature view is present, this route is used as photo safari, trekking and picnic field. The important plateaus of Yalova are Erikli and Delmece plateaus at the south of Kocadere and Tesvikiye districts. The only natural lake of Yalova known as “Dipsiz Lake” is present in Delmece Pleataeu which is a crater lake. These plateaus are mostly covered with forests of pines, oak, chestnut and lime teas. The access to plateaus is done by the earth road from Teşvikiye district. This field is on the streamside, and famous for its salmon facilities and picnic fields. It is a quite authentic picnic field between the mountains 25 km far from Yalova.

Arriving Bursa.
Our first stop in this historical city which has been the capital of Ottoman Empire in the process of heading to empire from principality will be Tophane which is one of the most beatiful watching points of Bursa, we will observe sepulcher of Osman Gazi who is the founder of Ottoman Empire and his son Orhan Gazi, clock tower, palace and castle and we will visit Bursa Ulucamii in construction of which Karagoz and Hacivat are said to have worked according to a rumour and Kozahan just nearby which is famous for its silk dealers. After visiting Ulucami, we will see Bursa Province Museum for an amusing visit in which we will be able to view the traces of the change Bursa has went through for ages. After our visit to Province Museum, we will see Green Sepulcher and Green Mosque which are ornamented with georgeous green tiles and which is one of the most beatiful historical constructions of Bursa, later we will head to Inkaya Village to see a giant 600 year old plane tree passing through Cekirge district where we will see Hacıvat and Karagoz house and monument in order to relieve the tiredness of the day. We complete our Bursa trip following the route we came from after the break we will give in here.
Second Day
We climb Uludağ by telpher and introduce you to unique view and beauty of Uludag.
We will drop you to your hotel at the end of the tour prepared specially for you. The end time of the Tour is nearly 17:00.

Abant lake is a tectonic lake at 1300 meters height at the border of Bolu Mudurnu. It has a wide area around 125 hectares. A fish specie called “Abant Alasi” lives in the lake. Its appereance in especially winter months attract many people. There are two big hotels and many clubs, cafe and resting places on the lake shore.
We obtain information from our guide about the area which brings us here with its natural beauty.
Be sure that the fitness we will gain thanks to the walking or riding in the magnificent nature of Abant will show itself in the week.

We get on the minibuses after the breakfast we will have waking healthily in plateau air. After one hour travel, we climb Lower Kavron at 1800 m height and then Upper Kavron Plateaus at 2300 m height after one hour travel. We return after the lunch we will have in the plateau and reach Rize passing through Ardeşen, Çayeli. We arrive at the hotel we will accommodate after seeing Rize Castle and the shopping break we will give in the workshops where famous Rize fabrics are manufactured.


After the breakfast at hotel, we arrive at Çaykara passing along Solaklı River through Of and head to Uzungöl getting on the minibuses. After the free time in here, we return to Uzungöl seeing Demirkapi plateau in Haldizen Valley (Lustra-Karester plateaus depending on the weather). After free time, we go to Tea Factory on Çaykara road to see the stages of tea manufacturing. After wandering Tea Factory and finishing shopping, we head to hotel to rest.


After breakfast, we wander Sümela Monastery which was built on the slope of Karadağ at the South of Trabzon beside a valley covered with forests inside Altındere National Park which is briefly known as Virgin Mary colloquially. After giving lunch break in Zigana Crossing where we will reach seeing Hamsikoy which is famous for its Sütlaç (Rice puding), we arrive at Karaca Cave which is famous for its stalactite and stalagmite, formation of which continues. After completing our trip in here, we head along Harşit River on Kürtün Road and complete    our tour seeing St. Jean Castle which used to be used by St. Jean knights.

We pick you from the hotel you accommodate for whole day Bosphorus Tour prepared especially for you.
Our tour pack includes;
Bosphorus Tour


Müşterilerimize özel hazırladığımız tam günlük Tur için konakladığınız otelden sizi alıyoruz. We take you to the places where you can see the miniatures of the most famous places of the world and Turkey and experience the conquest of Istanbul.

Miniaturk Panaroma Tour pack includes;

Eyup Sultan mosque visit where Eyup Sultan’s grave is present
Piyerloti hill

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